RadioShack Pro-82 200 Channel Handheld Scanner SURPLUS ITEM NO PACKAGE (Item R108)

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Pro 82 police scanner emergency surplus survivalist scanner
Pro 82 police scanner emergency surplus survivalist scanner

RadioShack Pro-82 200 Channel Handheld Scanner

Surplus item obtained from government auction


Survival Defense Surplus



  • 200 channels with 10 banks of 20 channels
  • Frequency Coverage
    • 29-54 MHz
    • 108-136.9875 MHz
    • 137-174 MHz
    • 380-512 MHz
  • 5, 12.5kHz steps
  • AM, FM modes (not 'radio')
  • Scan rate 25cps
  • NOAA weather alert sounds an alarm when the local weather station issues a warning
  • backlit display
  • One touch buttons for VHF marine, non-trunked fire/police, VHF aircraft, HAM radio or NOAA weather
  • 1 priority channel
  • Computer interface (via audio jack)
  • 4 AA alkaline/NiCad batteries


  • Earphone jack
  • Antenna connection: BNC
  • Antenna: Flexible detachable




RadioShack PRO-82 200 Channel VHF/Air/UHF Handheld Scanner lets you scan conventional transmissions, and is preprogrammed with search banks for convenience. By pressing a one touch search key, you can quickly search those frequencies most commonly used by public service and other agencies without tedious and complicated programming. This scanner gives you direct access to over 25,000 exciting frequencies, including those used by police and fire departments, ambulance services, aircraft, and amateur radio services, and you can change your selection at any time. Your scanner also has these special features: Ten Channel-Storage Banks — you can store 20 channels in each bank (200 total channels), letting you group channels so you can more easily identify calls. Weather Alert — the scanner automatically sounds an alert when it receives a weather emergency signal, providing more complete information about weather conditions in your immediate area. HyperSearch™and HyperScan™ — let you set the scanner to search at up to 50 steps per second (in frequency bands with 5 kHz steps) and scan at up to 25 channels per second, to help you quickly find interesting broadcasts.

 Lockout Function — lets you set your scanner to skip over specified channels or frequencies when scanning or searching. Memory Backup — keeps the channel frequencies stored in memory for about an hour in the event of a power loss. Wired Programming — you can connect your scanner to a personal computer and program frequencies into it using an optional cable and software. ± Scan Delay — delays scanning for about 2 seconds before moving to another channel, so you can hear more replies that are transmitted on the same channel. Duplicate Channel Alert — warns you when the frequency you are storing already exists in memory. Manual Access — you can directly access any stored channel by entering that channel's number. Key Lock — lets you lock the scanner's keys to prevent accidentally changing the scanner's programming. Key Confirmation Tones — the scanner sounds a confirmation tone when you perform an operation correctly, and an error tone if you make an error. Three Power Options — you can power the scanner from internal (rechargeable or non rechargeable batteries) or external AC or DC power (using an optional AC or DC adapter)



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